About Us

Crystal Falls Horse and Carriage Company offers a variety of romantic horse-drawn carriage ride adventures throughout downtown Lansing on Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm to 10pm with pick-ups at the following restaurants - Clara's Restaurant, the Troppo Restaurant, and the Radisson Hotel/Capital City Grill.

Make a memory of a lifetime whether its an engagement, wedding, formal dance, fundraiser, or just for fun after dinner.

Promotional advertising signs can be placed on our carriages in local parades.

Reservations are encouraged. Walk-ups are also welcome.

Call 517-242-0386 for exact time and location.

The owner of Crystal Falls Horse & Carriage Company is also an equine dentist!

Does your horse toss his head when you ride for no apparent reason? Does grain fall out of his mouth when he eats? Any of these symptoms could be a result of poor dental health.

Horses need regular preventive dental maintenance every six months to one year. Unlike people, horses' teeth have an eruption rate of two-three mm per year. The teeth should wear in correspondence to yearly eruption rate. Malocclusions, or improper position of the teeth, can lead to many health issues and behavioral problems.

Contact Discerning Hands Equine Dentistry for your horse's dentistry needs!

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